Your 360 degree feedback - Quick Start Guide

The process to follow for respondents (i.e. you have been asked to give feedback to someone).

If you have been asked by someone to give 360 feedback on them you will receive an email which allows you to access a feedback questionnaire. The title of the email will tell you who it is from and the e-mail address it comes from will be

This email contains a coded link which is specific to you so that only you can access it.  Read the email carefully and click the questionnaire link to access the online questionnaire. You do not need to log into the site to give feedback, just use the link in the email. You should keep this email until you are sure that you have fully completed the questionnaire including any free text questions.

You must answer every question - but you do have the option to answer 'Don't Know' if you feel unable to answer any given question. You must also answer the free text questions at the end for your questionnaire to be deemed complete.

You can re-access the questionnaire at any time using the original email until such time as the report has been produced when it will be locked and it can only be unlocked by contacting the service provider.  It is important to complete the questionnaire within the timeframe stated and it is recommended that you fill it in without dwelling on each question too much, as your initial response is normally the right one.

You can save your work at any time but you must keep the e-mail or you will not be able to access it again.  If you lose it then you can ask for it to be resent by the person who has asked you to do a 360 for them.

Once the feedback report has been completed the questionnaire will be locked and you cannot access it again.  However in the event of a serious mistake contact CFRS Leadership Development Advisor for your business area and they may be able to unlock it for you.

Remember: the purpose of a 360 feedback is to help the candidate to develop so it is in everyone's interests to be helpful but honest. Your feedback is compiled into a report along with feedback from a number of other people so your individual response remains confidential and will not be identifiable as yours.

For more guidance on how to give meaningful feedback as part of the 360 process please click on the following link:

How to give meaningful feedback - a guide for respondents