In January 2019, the National Fire Chiefs Council launched its national Leadership Framework, which aimed to support and develop fire and rescue service leaders now and in the future. 

It sets out and defines the leadership behaviours needed at every level in the Fire and Rescue Service from Firefighter to Chief Fire Officer and focusses on four key areas: Personal Impact, Outstanding Leadership, Organisational Effectiveness and Service Delivery

The work was launched following an extensive consultation in 2018. Cheshire FRS were actively involved in the Frameworks development. This Leadership Framework has replaced the Personal Qualities and Attributes (PQAs) and puts in place a simpler model to support development and assessment, while providing a consistent approach to leadership and development, regardless of role or function.

It shows a clear commitment from fire and rescue services to support all staff, ensuring a fair and consistent approach to performance and promotion.

Ann Millington, Chair of NFCC’s Workforce Coordination Committee, said: “An essential part of leadership is being adaptable to the evolving requirements of a modern fire and rescue service. This means encouraging and developing resilient leaders who take responsibility for delivering continuous improvement in performance, while supporting others.

We need leaders who are able to collaborate across our different functions, while being able to cross traditional boundaries with other organisations to achieve more efficient, effective and joined-up services. This difference is then ultimately experienced by our communities through improved service delivery.”


What do I need to do next if I am undertaking a 360 myself or if I have been asked to complete a questionnaire for someone else?

Click on the links below to access more information dependant upon whether you are undertaking a 360 appraisal (360 appraisee) for yourself or whether you are responding (respondent) to someone else’s request for 360 feedback:



The NFCC Leadership Framework

Quickstart guide for Appraisees - i.e. this is your own report

Quickstart guide for Respondents - i.e. you are contributing to someone else's report

Workbook - to assist with interpreting your report (PDF format)

Workbook - (MS Word format)

How to give meaningful feedback - a guide for respondents

Sample 360 feedback report - an example using the NFCC question set